Christmas shmismas


Coming into the disordered condition of my own mind and circumstances, your entrance was definitely not in the best of timings.What are the chances that throwing my dignity out of the window for a fascinating and dandy stranger would save me?

Saturnalia, a holiday the Roman pagans invented, way earlier than it was constituted as the birth of Christ, occurs from the 17th -25th of December. This was a time of lawlessness. Hedonism, violence, and murder games were promoted. People celebrated by intoxicating themselves, fornicating, singing and dancing in the streets with all their nudity and eating biscuits patterned after children… and this is how our generation still celebrates it today, although in a tremendously subtler way. We drink and be merry, we look for a significant other we can share the beautiful holidays with, hence all these cheesy christmas love songs. People Singing in the streets ruthlessly naked, evolved to Caroling. Plus the Gingerbread which is a bread patterned after man, (duh) is still being served during the occasion. Chatholicism developed, converting most of these pagans and transformed a festival of brutality and viciousness to a celebration of harmony and love. One day was chosen, the final date of the 9 day festival, the 25th, the birth of a savior, of a god.

Although, I do not know what exact beliefs I should contain about Christmas, all I do know is it’s a time of blessing, of saving, of sublimity. Your entry into my chaotic life is a symbolism of the occasion of the birth of god or it may be a magnificent coincidence or accident.  My Saturnalia has ended. The supression,  my “9 day Saturnalia” has finally ended. Thank you Christmas and to the person who represents it for me this year.

With all my love,

Vitamin C



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