Margaret Thatcher and Me

My  boyfriend recently made me watch “The Iron Lady”. I never even knew about  Margaret Thatcher until Harry mentioned her death. It’s such a shame that I was ignorant about knowing this woman. She’s the epitome of strength, independence, intellect, power and being unconventional; traits I would love to have myself.

Margaret Thatcher was the daughter of a grocer. She was the leader of the conservative party when she was 24 and then climbed her way into being Prime Minister of Britain. Up until today, she was the only female able to earn such a position. She was ridiculed for her ambition just because she was of the second sex. Being outnumbered and doubted by powerful men however did not hinder her from changing the world. Instead she rose above the prejudice and earned the respect of men and her country. I learned things like equality of taxes. Maybe the the rich (who got rich fairly and justly without corruption or fraud) and the poor (who are dependent on welfare and freeloading) should be taxed accordingly. The nonexistence of the society (which Harry always used to explain to me that there should be greater emphasis on the individual) and socialism as an undesirable policy (people running out of other people’s money). This occurs because the government aids them instead of teaching trade. – It is better to teach a man how to catch fish than give him fish. She is truly an inspiring icon for feminism. Like her, I’d like to share my contribution in changing the world someday. I don’t know how I’m going to do it yet… but the desire is there.

In the movie she mentions that instead of feelings, women should have thoughts and ideas which are more pragmatic. It hit me that lately I’ve been wasting my time having all these unnecessary feelings and emotions. It will not get me anywhere. She also voices out lines which struck me: “Watch your thoughts for they become actions, watch your actions for they become habits, watch your habits for they become your character, watch your character for they become your destiny”. Lesson learned: Spend less time thinking about feelings and more time thinking about ideas.


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