An Old Poem

This poem was written a very long time ago with much hesitation to put it out there. I showed a good friend the piece the other day and he boosted my confidence by telling me how honest and mature the poetry is; so here I am sharing it with the few beautiful souls who even know and care to always check on this blog. My introverted nature always prefers to be behind the scenes and to not be “too out there” even as I share this here, I abhor advertising it in other social medias, particularly Facebook. It’s like announcing to the world: Hey Look what I did! I know it’s great and works well for people who do this professionally (and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that) but sometimes I see it as a form of wanting attention (it’s just my opinion no offense) which I shy away from often. It’s just the way God molded  me haha; unless I’m really drunk and drugged which is not a good thing, then I’m so out there! Anyway, I was going to share my poetry from 2012 and stop talking about myself. I’ll save that for other entries.


Like the magnificence and purity of a lotus

Growing from the murkiest and most stagnant of waters

My soul has been replenished

Emerging from the hands of stubborn devils


A rock, endures cutting, friction, years of shaping

Drilling the hardest cores of its foundation

Before a shiny diamond is made from it

What beauty will there be without sacrifice?


Glorious are ones who suffer

Meaning is embraced and enfolded to their character

What a bore it is to live in this world

To have never experienced hell


How can one imagine of paradise if not for its counterpart?

– Carla Ezequiel

My poem reminds me of one picture I stumbled upon in Tumblr today which words are also a beauty:



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