Simon Sinek, thanks for the wise words. :)

Note to self: Watch these vids once in a while to make boredom productive; and to remind myself to keep humble, chase my dreams and be wise doing it.


Intoxication and a myriad of emotions = drunken poetry

Inarticulate what these  emotions are pouring

A web of events designed or chaos soaring

A moment of mourning

mind in the atlas to feel better touring


caged in a destiny only i can try to unlock

hands with big bucks only to mock

useless the universe leaves us with unexpected shock

who know if a god is there to ceaslessly unlock


what we want our lives to unfold

if actions and words done will be sold

help me to align the karma before I grow old

ill try to paint the shit we call life gold


i hate to swallow the thought we cant have it all

bitter as a pill that will make me fall

crawl brawl prowl foul drown

i just hope in the end of of it all


transsgressions sufferered grasp a crown

not superficially but essentially

in the heart of a being frowned

to actualize the beauty laying there potentially


greatness waiting to open its potency